Air Duct Cleaning in Louisville, KY

Why do so many homeowners and businesses in Louisville consider Premiere Cleaning to be Experts in Air Quality?

Maybe it’s because of our state of the art equipment that we use to thoroughly clean your hvac air duct system.

It could be for the way we speak to our customers. We don’t use fancy industry jargon to try and frighten or intimidate customers. We keep it simple and explain that essentially your HVAC system is simply your homes way of breathing. It takes air in and exhales it back out.

Possibly it’s because of our ethics. We aren’t afraid to share the fact that the air duct cleaning industry lacks regulation of any kind and has no set mandatory standards.

For this reason there are a lot of dishonest companies trying to push gimmicks that do little or nothing at all to improve your home or businesses air quality.

We are extremely transparent in our practices. We can even show you what we remove from your system to give you peace of mind.

Premiere Cleaning will never utilize bait and switch tactics or offer unnecessary chemicals, filters, etc to our customers.

I truly care about those individuals who suffer with immunodeficiency conditions, COPD, asthma or just an average allergy sufferer like myself.

It’s my goal to honestly help those affected by these conditions by providing a full hygienic restoration of your HVAC air duct system.

This service is very necessary when you take into consideration that an average home accumulates as much as 40 lbs of dust per year.

I even offer a complimentary dryer vent cleaning when my techs are out cleaning your air ducts.

My techs are rigorously trained, competent, and put together. They can easily answer any questions you may have regarding this service.

The benefits of cleaning your home or business’ air ducts stretch well beyond just improved health and fresher, clean air. Increased airflow and better efficiency of your HVAC system are benefits that can save you money annually.

My air duct service is the frontline in protection against harmful air contaminants and allergens. Call me so you can begin enjoying the benefits of fresher, cleaner air.

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Sharon T.

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Andrew W
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