Flu season is here and when flu season is upon us stores will be selling large amounts of those trusty disinfectant wipes.  Many people use disinfectant wipes to help protect their family from unwanted germs, but did you know that chances are you are using those wipes incorrectly? It’s true, allow us to explain.

The first thing you need to decide is if you are trying to sanitize or disinfect. Think that is one in the same? It’s actually not. Sanitizing kills germs yes, but disinfecting takes it to the next level.  You can sanitize with a wet wipe. Disinfecting actually requires that the surface needs to be visibly wet with the cleaning solution for four minutes and that would take A LOT of wipes.

For a deep disinfecting, keeping the surface wet for 4 minutes you will need to use a lot of wipes.  You may find it more efficient to use a disinfectant spray.  It is also important to let the surface air dry. If the surface is dirty you will clean it off first, then disinfect, letting it air dry.  If the surface comes into contact with food you will want to wipe the surface down with water afterwards.

Don’t take our word for it alone, this information can actually be found on the label of Clorox wipes!