Deep cleaning is a dreaded chore that usually happens once or twice a year. To make things easier, we have come up with some ways you can take on the challenge. 

When you have kids and pets in the home, mess multiplies. Recruit your family members to help; the time will fly by much faster. 

If this is too much to handle in one day, you can divide the labor and focus on one area of your house at a time. Are you in a time crunch? Break up one task a day or one area of your home a week.

Put on some gloves, turn on your music, and let’s get ready to deep clean your home!


You’re going to have a way easier time cleaning if you don’t have misplaced items lying around all over the place. Put them back where they belong. If they don’t have a use or don’t spark joy, donate or throw them away (thanks, Marie Kondo). 


Get a duster or an old hand towel with some cleaner. Stop all those dust bunnies before they hop any further. Shelves, lampshades, and TVs are all places where dust likes to settle. 

Top to Bottom

Begin up high with ceiling trim, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and walls. You’ll want to use just a spritz of water for these areas since there is not the same amount of dirt. Once you get to eye level, you can use warm water and a bit of soap. 

Wipe down surfaces

Wipe down all hard surfaces such as tables, shelves, and built-ins using furniture cleaner and polish. You’d be surprised at how much dust can settle on these surfaces!

Clean baseboards, floors and doors

Move all the furniture. Use your vacuum’s crevice tool to get in corners. If the floor is hard, use the appropriate cleaner and a microfiber mop to get it looking sparkling clean! If you have carpet, you may want to get it professionally cleaned.

Clean windows

Clean both the inside and outside of the windows with a glass cleaner. Spray the windows, wait a minute, then wipe the window panes down. Wipe in one direction on one side and another direction on the other side to easily catch streaks.

Deep Cleaning Specialists in Louisville, KY

Of course, if you aren’t up to the task yourself, Premier Cleaning can handle the job for you. We take great pride in ensuring that every detail of your home is attended to and clients are satisfied! Give us a call whenever you are ready to save time and energy: 502-454-MAID (6243)