there ou have a contract for office cleaning, but are you also getting an occasional deep office cleaning?  In the office there are a lot of people sharing communal space and that translates to a lot of germs.  Just like you give your home a deep clean every now and again, you also need to make sure your office gets a deep clean.  With the pandemic still raging on in 2022, cleanliness is a vital part of running a business. 

Increase productivity with a clean office

A dirty or unhealthy workspace can leave employees feeling lethargic and effect productivity.  A place with dirty windows or a nasty refrigerator don’t make a person want to spend 9 hours a day their.

You want a professional office space 

You want your your place of business to be professional whether it’s a law office or a warehouse.  Even a warehouse has occasional visitors and the health of employees to consider. While you may have a janitor that cleans the bathroom and kitchen, you may want to step it up and clean more thoroughly at least every few weeks.

Deep cleaning saves costs

While a deep clean may be more expensive than regular weekly cleaning, deep cleaning helps prevent the degrading of equipment.  

A clean office reduces employee absences

We all know cleaning prevents the spread of many sicknesses.  With less germs in the office,  you may find yourself with fewer employees calling in sick. According to the University of Norway found there is a correlation between cleanliness and worker satisfaction, leading to a 12.5% decrease in sick days used.

Boost morale

Happy employees are good for the company and their customers.  Knowing you spent the extra money to do a deep clean for their health and happiness will make them feel valued.

Photo by Marc Mueller from Pexels