Business owners wear a lot of hats, in fact in 2021 with the labor shortage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, business owners are wearing more hats than ever.  In many cases you can see restaurant owners out bussing tables and taking orders, just trying to serve their customers.  While business owners have to do what they have to do to get by, employees didn’t sign up to wear many hats and asking your office employees to also clean the bathrooms isn’t ok, even in a labor shortage.

Businesses may think that they can save money by cutting janiorial services, but this is actually a terrible idea. Your employees should focus on the job that they were hired to do.  Employee cleaning responsibilities are highly likely to negatively impact morale by making them feel less valued.  Employees are also not going to clean as thorough as a cleaning company would. Employees who resent having to clean are not going to clean well, but rather do the bare minimum.  Finally, you might not be saving money by doing this, you may actually be spending more. Chances are the amount you are paying your employees is more than what you are paying for cleaning.  These employees are cleaning when they could be doing more productive work, which positively affects your profits.

You don’t want good employees to quit and have the headache of turnover. It’s just not worth it, call Premiere Cleaning today for a quote on professional office cleaning.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels