1. Do I need to be home when you come for housekeeping? Premiere Cleaning does not have a preference either way. Our elderly customers and those who work from home are almost always home and it works just fine.

2. When do I need to pay for the service? Premiere appreciates payment once the cleaning is complete.

3. Are you pet friendly? Yes we are. Unless your family pet is aggressive towards visitors it’s fine to let her roam freely.

4. How will you enter our home if we are not there? There are several options, garage code, neighbor, hidden key, unlocked door, or we have a lock box in our office where we can safely store your key.

5. How many people will be in my home? We typically send out a crew of two. However, feel free to request more or less if it fits your schedule better.

6. Do you use sub contractors or actual employees? You can rest assured that Premiere Cleaning ALWAYS uses actual employees. We handle all necessary taxes, workers comp, insurance, etc..

7. Do I need to provide supplies or equipment? No, Premiere’s staff will bring everything necessary to ensure your home is cleaned professionally.

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I have been extremely pleased with the professionalism and quality of work preformed by Premiere...

Kenny M.

Premier Cleaning always does an excellent job. Premiere Cleaning is flexible with scheduling, the staff...

Tracy N.