Winter can be beautiful but it can sure lead to some nasty floors. It never fails, dirty, salty snow falls off the car onto the garage floor. Now your garage floor is dirty with salt and scraped asphalt bits. That then gets tracked into the house along with some snow. What a mess. Here are some things you can do to help keep your floors clean in the winter.

First, make use of walk-off rugs (i.e. outdoor door mats). While the rest of the year you may prefer a pretty decorative mats in your home consider replacing those in the winter with functional rugs. Make sure to have them both inside and outside to help reduce what makes it inside.

Take your shoes off on the mats, either indoors or outdoors. Try to avoid walking through the house with shoes on as much as possible.

Have some floor cleaner readily available. Hardwood floors, tile, linoleum, and carpet all use different cleaners for spot cleaning so make sure you have some appropriate cleaners on hand.

Finally, remember that spring is a fantastic time to have your carpets professionally cleaned.  Home carpet cleaners are great but the lifetime of your carpet will greatly increase with annual professional carpet cleaning.