So your dream home is almost finished?  Or maybe you just remodeled and now have your dream kitchen. Either way, one thing is always true when there is construction, there is also a mess left in the wake.

A reputable home builder or construction company will clean up the bulk of their trash when the job is finished, but that doesn’t mean trash wasn’t left behind. Do a walk through and remove any trash that was left behind. It’s not uncommon to find paint cans, wood chips, and other left-over materials.

If you have new appliances or windows you will want to use a razer blade to remove stickers. You will also want to look for manuals that may have come with new appliances, these are sometimes left inside so check inside that dishwasher or oven before use. If there is no paperwork to be found ask you contractor for it.  This paperwork may include manufacturer warranty information.

Then comes the hardest part: The dusting.  Construction big and small produces a lot of dust. Even if you are only doing construction in one room you are highly likely to find dust even in the adjacent rooms as well. In addition to the oblivious places to dust you will also want to make sure to wipe down blinds, baseboards, door and window frames, ceiling fans, and the vents.

Hate to clean? No problem that’s what we do here at Premiere Cleaning of Louisville. We clean when you don’t have the time. Our house cleaners are happy to do a one-time post construction cleaning.

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels