With spring comes the chance to start fresh again. So, open up your windows to let in the warm spring air, put on some feel-good music, grab some cleaning supplies, and get cleaning!

All you need is some rubber gloves, all-purpose cleaner spray, and a microfiber cloth. You can also create your own cleaning spray using a cleaning solution of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water.

Pantry: Take everything out of your pantry, get rid of expired foods, and spray down the shelves. Make a donation pile for any foods that you or your family are not going to eat. Now, all you have to do is reorganize your food items. Put similar foods together. Use glass jars or resealable containers to store non-perishable food like pasta, grains, and rice to see what you have quickly. Make note of any spices that you may be out of, and refill them. Take a look at your drawers and get rid of any cooking supplies that you are not using.

Refrigerator: First, start by removing any expired food from your refrigerator. Once everything is out, spray the shelves and bins. Wipe everything down including the shelves, walls, drawers, and inside of the doors to get rid of any caked-on food, and then neatly place your food items back. To keep your fridge smelling fresh, you can place a container of baking soda in your fridge.

Louisville Cleaning Services

Too busy to do your own spring cleaning? Not to worry, we can take care of that! Premier Cleaners provides cleaning services to businesses and homes in the Louisville area. Whether you choose to do your spring cleaning on your own this year or hire a professional like Louisville Premiere Cleaners, we hope these tips help you achieve a cleaner, healthier kitchen.