Mans best friend can also be mans messiest friend.  Dogs are a lot of fun but they can also create a lot of extra work.  Here are some tips on minimizing the mess that dogs create.

1. Groom your dog regularly, whether you do it yourself or take him to the groomers. A regular bath and even more frequent brushing can cut down on the amount dog hair blowing around the house.

2. Put a placemat under your dogs bowls.  Dogs can be sloppy eaters and drinkers, so a placemat under there can protect your floors a messy build up as well as from water damage.

3. Wipe down messy paws before they come in the house.  There is nothing worse than a trail of muddy paw prints stretching from one end of the house to the other so avoid it by offering a quick wipe at the door with a an old damp towel.

4. Give Fido plenty of exercise and chew toys.  Making sure your pooch doesn’t get bored can go a long way in making sure he doesn’t make an unneccessary messes.  When dogs are bored that’s typically when they chew things up and make messes.

5. Make sure your trash can isn’t out in the open, but in a pantry or cabinet where your dog can’t get to it.  Nothing is worse than coming home to discover your dog has gotten into the kitchen trash.