Moving can be an exciting event for your family, but it can also be chaotic and stressful. Not only are you planning for your new home, but you’re also packing up your current one, sometimes needing to clean both places. Whether you’re used to moving frequently or have been in your current residence for a long time, the task of packing can be daunting.

Tips for a Smooth Move

1. Prepare a Move Timeline Think about the areas of your home that seem the most overwhelming. Basements and garages are often the biggest areas to tackle. Start with these and then work your way down to smaller areas like bathrooms and closets. Begin packing well in advance, doing a little each day rather than all at once.

2. Cut Corners Where You Can If you’re moving a short distance, find ways to make the process easier. For instance, you may not need to carefully wrap all your dishes if you’re just driving them over in your car. The same goes for clothes—lay them neatly in your back seat instead of packing them in suitcases. Move these items the day before the moving truck arrives.

3. Divide Packing Tasks Get the whole family involved. Children as young as five can help pack their toys, books, and shoes. Assign each family member specific tasks to make the process quicker and more efficient.

4. Use Moving as a Time to Purge As you go through each room, sort out items you no longer want or need. Make piles for items to give away, sell, or throw away. This is a great opportunity to declutter and simplify before moving into your new home.

5. Take Your Time Unpacking Once you’re in the new house, don’t stress about unpacking everything immediately. It’s okay to take breaks and enjoy your new surroundings. Remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

Leave the Cleaning to Us!

An empty house is an easy house to clean, and it’s common courtesy to leave a clean home for the new family. If you need help with packing, unpacking, or cleaning, we’re here to assist! You don’t have to do it all yourself.

Contact Premiere Cleaning today to schedule your move-out deep clean and make your move as smooth as possible.