Moving is usually an exciting event for your family, but it can also be chaotic and stressful.  Not only are you thinking about plans for your new dwelling, but you are also trying to pack up your things and sometimes clean both houses.  If you move frequently, you’re used to it, but if you have been at your current residence for a long time the task of packing may be even more daunting.

Prepare a move timeline.  Think about the areas of your home that seem the most overwhelming.  For example, basements and garages are often the biggest areas to tackle.  We advise tackling these areas first and then work your way down toward the small areas, like bathrooms and closets.  If you know you are going to be moving then start well in advance, packing a little each day, rather than trying to do it all at once.

Figure out how to cut corners.  If you are only moving a few miles, you can find ways to move somethings without having to work as hard.  For example, if you are just moving a short distance, you may not need to carefully wrap all your dishes in bubble wrap for the movers to take, you can probably stack them in a box and just drive them over in your car.  Same goes for clothes in your closets, just lay them neatly in your back seat and drive them, rather than packing suitcases.  It is a good idea to move a lot of this stuff the day before the moving truck arrives.

If you have a family, divide up the packing tasks. Children as young as 5 can help with the packing.  Hand them a box and have them pack toys, books, shoes, or anything else that just more or less need to be tossed in a box.

Moving is a terrific time to purge!  As you go through each room weed out anything you no longer want or need.  Make a pile of things you want to give away, things you want to sell, and things that are trash.  This is a good time to take those 3 kitchen junk drawers and make them a single in the new house.

Once you are in the new house don’t stress about unpacking. It will get done and there is no need to get it all done right away.  It’s ok to go to the pool or take a day of rest even with unpacked boxes still sitting in the dining room.  As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

An empty house is an easy house to clean.  It is common courtesy to leave a clean house in your wake for the new family.  If you need someone to help you with packing, unpacking, or cleaning we are here to help!  You don’t have to do it all!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels