Moving can be a very busy, stressful time. Between setting up utilities, packing up your belongings, and making sure you have all your ducks in a row, you can easily get frazzled if you don’t have a plan. Luckily the team at Premier Cleaning knows exactly how to make your home sparkling clean. Take a look at some of our tips on moving out cleaning below. 

Write a List

The key to preventing this stress is to write out a list of everything you need to do ahead of time and break up tasks into smaller sub-tasks. This takes some of the pressure off your mind to remember and keep track of dates and details. Better yet, use a calendar to map out areas of the house that need your attention and focus on those areas on specific days.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Rid of Stuff

While you are in the throes of lifting and hauling on move-in day, you may realize just how many items you own and that you really don’t need or want some of them. Give you and/or your moving team an easy job by getting rid of stuff you don’t need ahead of time. Separate objects into three piles: donate, keep, or throw away. 

Recruit Help

Do you have friends or family members who might be willing and able to help? Ask the people in your life if they could lend a helping hand. If not, plan to arrange a moving crew to do the job.

Think of the Forgotten Spots

This isn’t just an ordinary weekly or daily cleaning where you can quickly wipe off countertops and call it a day. Remember to think of all the places you don’t frequent often, such as behind your washer and dryer, underneath staircases, and hallway closets. There may be forgotten objects that need to be removed prior to moving out or cobwebs that need to be wiped away.

Remove Nails in Walls and Patch Holes

After taking down artwork and photographs you may have hanging on the wall it is important to fill these holes back in. You’ll also want to remove any other fixtures you have installed.

Wipe Down Doors and Walls

In regular cleanings, these areas tend to get neglected, but if you want that “sparkle” factor, go the extra mile and make sure there aren’t any smudges or dirt.

Dust Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans can accumulate a truly shocking amount of dust. Do the future homeowner (or tenant) a favor, and clean the blades off.

Clean Windows

Again, this is not something that you may think of as a regular cleaning task, but it can make a tremendous difference in the way your home looks on both the inside and the outside. Opt for a streak-free window cleaner and be sure to dust the blinds and clean the windowsill and trim as well. 

Make Your Appliances Look Brand New Again

Appliances tend to get dirty and grimy over time with frequent usage. Be sure to spray down your microwave, refrigerator, oven, and other common appliances that come with the house or apartment. 

Deep Clean Your Bathroom

This includes your toilet, tub, sinks, and showers. Scrub to get rid of as much gunk as possible to make them shine.

Dust and Clean Baseboards and Trim

Grab a cloth and cleaner and go around the perimeter of each room to clean any dust and dirt of your trim. This can take your home to a whole new level of cleanliness.

Sweep and Mop the Floors

Grab a broom and a dustpan, a vacuum, and a mop. Look for pet hair or any spots on your carpet that may have been an “accident”. Check for lint and hair that has accumulated in corners or behind furniture.