Vinegar is an acetic acid so powerful it can dissolve mineral deposit, dirt, grease, grime, and kill bacteria, and yet it’s safe enough to cook with and even drink.  Many people swear by a tablespoon of apple vinegar a day as a dietary suppliment.  We, however, at Premiere Cleaners like recommend it as a chemical free cleaning agent.  Here are some suggestions on cleaning with vinegar!

If your faucet or shower head has hard to remove mineral deposits it’s nothing that some vinegar can’t remove.  Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and use a zip tie to secure it over the faucet.  If you let that sit overnight chances are that in the morning you should be able to gently remove those hard to remove minerals with a toothbrush.

One of our most favorite uses for vinegar is cleaning the microwave.  Mix a 1/2 cup of vinegar with 1/2 cup of water in a microwave safe glass bowl and put it in for 3-5 minutes.  The grime and cooked on food in the microwave will then wipe off with ease.

There is nothing like sending your husband to work with the leftover spaghetti from last night only to get the Tupperware back stained red and unable to get it to look clean again.  Coat the container with some vinegar and just let it soak for a few minutes and then wash it as usual – good as new!

Tiled floors around the toilet can get especially gross.  Use straight vinegar as a cleaning solution and wash away bacteria, urine stains, and odor.  You can also dilute the vinegar with warm water for mopping larger areas.  Vinegar largely will get you the same effects as bleach, but without the harmful fumes and without ruining your clothes.

Our final vinegar tip is as a mattress disinfectant.  Mix distilled white vinegar, a little rubbing alcohol, and some tea tree oil in a spray bottle and lightly spray your mattress.  This is a very effective way to kill dust mites, mildew, and general odors.  For an even deeper clean follow with a dusting of baking soda.  Once it’s all dry you can vacuum off the baking soda.

We hope you found some helpful tips on how to use vinegar to keep you home healthy and happy!

Photo by Rosana Solis from Pexels